8 Morning Exercise Routines for 10 Minutes to Reduce Belly Fat

This low-impact, full-body workout is ideal for mornings. It starts your day and burns fat! Knee get-ups, squat front kicks, side planks, and more are fantastic ways to wake up! 

Pilates is great in the morning because it's gentle but gives you a full-body workout. Side arm planks, glute kick bends, hundreds, squats, and a warmup and cooldown are included. It's a quick yet sweaty Pilates HIIT workout with 10 movements! 

This brief workout is great for mood-boosting days. Boxing punches, lunges, and front kicks improve mood and reduce stress. With a fun playlist, this standing workout will get you moving.  

This 10-minute lower ab workout is perfect for mornings! Leg drops, plank toe touches, and starfish crunches will scorch your lower tummy. Include this routine in your weekly routine to burn abdominal fat!  

This routine is ideal for early exercise. No jumping exercises, just strong moves to pump your blood. This beginner-friendly workout will boost your mood with overhead twists, bird dogs, and reclining side crunches.  

This 10-minute workout is somewhat tough but stretches and burns. No equipment needed to start your day. Wide squats, pushups with back stretches, plank kickbacks, squat jumps, and more!  

This morning workout is great for muffin top and lower belly fat. This well-rounded workout targets your obliques, lower abdomen, glutes, and outer thighs with cardio. This standing workout includes side crunches, push-aways, and side punches.  

This HIIT workout with no repetitions will burn fat and have you sweating and ready for the day. You'll perform exercises including mountain climbers, squat shuffles, 

plank walkouts, and oblique twists. It's ideal if you just want to work up a short sweat but want something a little kinder on your joints. 

The advantages of incorporating 10-minute workouts into your morning regimen are numerous. To start your day off right, try these out!  

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