7 things a confident man does differently in a relationship  

Embraces Vulnerability: A confident man is comfortable with vulnerability. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his feelings, fears, and insecurities with his partner 

Confidence enables a man to respect both his and his partner's boundaries. He understands the importance of personal space and independence in a relationship 

Confident men are adept at expressing their thoughts and emotions effectively. They communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully. 

Confidence often leads to a man taking the initiative in the relationship. Whether it's planning dates, initiating meaningful conversations, or taking steps to address issues or concerns, a confident man is proactive and doesn't wait for his partner to take the lead in every situation 

A confident man is supportive and encouraging of his partner's goals and aspirations. He offers unwavering support and motivation, celebrating his partner's achievements and being a source of strength during challenging times.  

Confident men tend to face relationship challenges with composure and grace. Instead of being reactive or defensive, they approach issues with a calm and level-headed demeanor. 

A confident man understands the importance of maintaining his individuality while being in a relationship. 

Confidence in a relationship doesn't mean being flawless or having all the answers.  

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