7 Famous Kid YouTubers Your Own Kids Are Obsessed With

The digital era is home to trending content that can trigger a new phenomenon with the power of a hashtag. Whether it’s fashion, food, music, makeup, or random dance challenges, anything can go viral online.  

But there is one certain group of content creators that are having a huge moment in the spotlight now: kid YouTubers

1. Ryan Ryan Kaji is the YouTube personality behind Ryan's World. This 10-year-old is by far the most popular and highest-paid child content creator on YouTube, with 32.8 million subscribers. This cool kid earns an estimated $30 million per year by reviewing various toys, sharing DIY hacks, conducting science experiments, and uploading prank videos. 

Mila Stauffer and Emma StaufferWhether you have seen your own kids watch them or not, this sister duo is bound to have popped up on your Explore page at least once before. These kid YouTubers went viral a few years ago when they shared a funny video on their mom’s Instagram account—which got noticed by The Ellen Show.   

Anastasia RadzinskayaNastya, along with her father, creates upbeat and expressive content that is ideal for her global audience. So far, this young YouTuber has amassed a 99.3 million-strong YouTube audience and a three-million-strong TikTok following.

Evan Breeze Evan Breeze is the charismatic star of EvanTubeHD. With over seven million subscribers on YouTube, this 13-year-old captivates audiences with his signature facial expressions that are a sure-fire method to make you smile. 

Everleigh Rose Everleigh Rose has 3.91 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, wherein she shares her knack for crafty videos, unboxing content, toy reviews, and food-related clips. This multifaceted kid YouTuber even had a stint as a model for the Kardashian Kids collection. 

Quincy Faye and Laurice  Sisters often have the best dynamics—and Quincy Faye and Laurice are the epitome of the sister act. This duo is the mastermind behind Grown Ups Kids’ Toys on YouTube. With 2.47 million subscribers, Quincy Faye and Laurice have a massive audience that enjoys watching their vlog-style content that shines the spotlight on the newest toys on the market

Brianna  The star of Brianna’s World on YouTube has so far gained 1.77 million subscribers. This 16-year-old kid YouTuber is known for her DIY hacks, get-ready-with-me videos, shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, fashion tips, back-to-school clips, and so much more

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