6 Exceptional Spider-Man 4 Villains The MCU is already in place.

Spider-Man 4 can expand on the hero's initial Marvel Cinematic Universe trilogy by employing one of the already established villains.

Peter is no longer at the same place where he began. Because no one in the MCU remembers who Peter is, Spider-Man 4 should be a somber film.

So far, all Spider-Man MCU enemies have been fantastic, and Spider-Man 4 must continue this trend. With the Hollywood strikes stalling the film's development, there are presently no updates on Spider-Man 4's main adversary.

In the comics, the wall-crawler has battled several villains, including Venom, Carnage, Morbius, and, in his upcoming Marvel feature, Kraven the Hunter.

While Hardy's Venom appeared in the MCU, he never met Spider-Man or other heroes, only appearing in brief post-credits moments.

Holland's Spider-Man 4 might change that by reintroducing the villain and utilizing him to his greatest potential. Spider-Man:

Scorpion was also a comic book bearer of the Venom mantle, with a piece of the symbiote left behind in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

new Daredevil: Reborn Details about Kingpin indicate why he is the greatest fit for the picture. Wilson Fisk is reported to become Mayor of New York City in the next MCU series starring Charlie Cox as Daredevil.