5 Bossy Zodiac Signs Who Want To Take Over Your Life

At least one member in every friendship has made others puppets. They usually choose where you hang out, what you eat, and occasionally what you can and cannot wear.  

Relationships are more evident, but friend groups have it too. We know you're thinking of a friend who qualifies. Astrology can reveal who of us tend to dominate others.  

Men use the word to describe self-assured, life-determined women. Insecure guys say they broke up because their partners were dominating. 

Aries is perhaps the bossiest sign you'll meet. The star sign is loud and doesn't care about others. You must follow their orders without inquiry.  

Scorpio is overbearing but harmful. Any Scorpio lover knows they're dominating in and out of bed. Their dominance is nice in bed but not otherwise. 

Horoscope perfectionists are Virgos. All their labor should be flawless. They usually push themselves too hard to achieve perfection, but that's another matter.  

Sags are so laid-back that you won't realize how dictatorial the zodiac can be until you get to know them. A selected bossy fire sign. They don't care about employment or clique leadership. 

Aries and Sagittarius are bossy zodiac signs. So we naturally incorporate Leo in the club. But Leos are bossier than usual.  

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