4 Zodiac Signs Who Wish to Be Single 

Some zodiac signs are more likely to find happiness when they are by themselves, almost as if this is the place they were always meant to be. 

Even if they have an unmistakable desire for friendship, they could sometimes choose to stay alone .

rather than follow a predetermined pattern of transient interactions. 

In spite of the best efforts of their family members and closest friends to set them up with 

potential partners, they continue to be drawn to the appeal of having their own personal space.  

Indeed, these individuals long for the freedom and independence that comes with lonehood and value it above all else.  

The harmony that can be found in being alone is a tune that strikes a chord deep within these beings' beings.  

The mystical art of astrology directs our attention to four heavenly signs that, to all appearances, revel in the splendor of traveling through the cosmos all by themselves: 

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