Three mundane tasks Before entering the WWE, Sasha Banks had a job.

Sasha Banks competed on the independent circuit for around two years before joining WWE in 2012. 

The Boss went on to become one of the company's most successful female competitors over the course of the following ten years. Now thirty years old, he has won three crowns and a grand slam.

Nevertheless, Banks had to work a few menial jobs to make ends meet before rising to the status of modern-day wrestling megastar.

The Boss has revealed details about her former jobs in a few interviews over the last few years. Before joining WWE, Sasha Banks held the following three regular jobs.

#3. Sasha Banks worked at a hotel In an interview with Rolling Stone prior to WrestleMania 32, The Boss talked about her prior job and disclosed that she had worked at the hotel where her mother was an accountant.

#2. Gold's Gym was the workplace of the former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. Additionally, Sasha Banks disclosed that she used to work at Gold's Gym. The former SmackDown Women's Champion revealed that Banks was employed as a personal trainer in a tweet that she sent out in May 2012.

#1. Sasha Banks worked at a shoe store Before joining the WWE, Sasha Banks held jobs at a shoe store in addition to her positions at the hotel and Gold's Gym.

The Boss discussed her past employment in an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Broken Skull Sessions podcast. She revealed that even though she held various positions, she always believed she would become a successful wrestler.

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