1989 (Taylor's Version) review - subtle extra tracks offer new dimensions to a classic

Swift's re-recording of her 2014 smash is her most loyal to date: a time capsule enriched by relevant cutting room floor

 recordings demonstrating that she never goes out of styleDoubters, your time has come: you can no longer dispute with Taylor Swift. 

You can't disagree with her fandom, which is both zealous and massive. Her songcraft is unarguable: brilliantly generic in a sound sense, 

stunningly distinct in a lyrical one. You can't deny her great influence on the lives of her followers. Or on everyone else:

her current Eras tour is expected to be worth $5 billion to the US economy. Statistics, in fact, are unarguable in any field. The movie version of Eras, 

which was only released a fortnight ago, is already the greatest grossing concert film of all time by a substantial margin.

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If all of this financial greatness feels suffocating, you could theoretically quarrel with Swift's obsession with peddling items

including reams of special edition vinyls and limitless merch. However, you can't argue with her current spate of newly re-recorded old albums, 

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