'1923': The True Story Behind the 'Yellowstone' Prequel's American Indian Boarding School

The prequel offshoot Yellowstone, 1923, includes a startlingly accurate representation of forced integration schemes undertaken by western pioneers 

and Christian missionaries. Sister Mary O'Connor (Jennifer Ehle) continuously hits Teonna (Aminah Nieves) with a wooden ruler 

 in the pilot episode of 1923 for failing to remember the proper technique of manufacturing soap in class. 

In revenge, the agitated student pins her attacker to the ground, striking her in the face repeatedly as the class looks on, dumbfounded in disbelief. 

When Father Renaud (Sebastian Roché) learns of the situation, he punishes both of them for compromising the fundamental ideals upon which the Catholic boarding school was founded.

Unfortunately, the horrifying events portrayed in the premiere episode of 1923 paint an eerily accurate picture of the atrocities that occurred within..

these Indian boarding schools to culturally oppress Montana's Indigenous American youngsters. These institutions were created by Western settlers and government missionaries

 frequently with the backing of the Church, to 'civilize' and convert the Indigenous peoples of America to the western way of life.

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