'1883': Here's Why Newcomer James Jordan Looks Familiar to 'Yellowstone' Fan

The first season of 1883 has reached the midway point. In episode 6, the group arrives at a trade post to replenish supplies for the long trek ahead.

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Shea Brennan and Thomas are also looking for a cook and a new cowboy to join them on their journey. 

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Thomas appoints an intriguing individual as the group's new chef. 

This character is played by actor James Jordan, who may look recognizable to Tayor Sheridan fans.

It's no secret that the immigrants accompanying Shea Brennan have had a difficult journey. 

The group hasn't even left Texas yet, and their numbers have shrunk significantly.

Many immigrants are widowed or orphaned, and Shea and Thomas see that many are unable to care for themselves.

The pair determines that hiring a cook is essential for the immigrants' survival. At a trade station, Thomas meets a man solely known as "Cookie."

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