12 Wine Drinking Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Wine is one of the world's oldest beverages, with evidence dating back 8,000 years. Wine is one of those excellent drinks that can be found every day,

whether it's on the table to go with a delicious dinner or popping a bottle of bubbly to commemorate a special occasion

Technically, wine can be prepared from the fermented juice of any fruit; nevertheless, grape wine is by far the most common.

One of the most common wine-drinking errors occurs before the wine even reaches your glass: inappropriately storing the bottle. 

 When you think of a traditional wine cellar, you probably imagine rows of horizontal bottles stacked in dark caves. 

 Of course, we do not recommend that everyone invest in a wine cellar because it is unrealistic, but there are some lessons to be learnt from it.

To begin, if you are storing the wine for an extended period of time, the bottles should be put on their side. This is especially critical for cork-topped bottles

because corks can dry down when stored vertically, causing the bottle seal to crack and the wine to mature.

Wine racks are inexpensive and widely accessible from retailers such as Target and Amazon.

Once you've stored the bottles on their sides, where you put them is equally crucial. Wine should be stored at a reasonably low temperature,

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