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The boundless world of beer means that each particular pub has a bewildering array of drink alternatives. Each beer has more sub-categories than drinkers realise, ranging from classic lagers to robust IPAs to funky sour ales. 

Its term derives from the German word for storeroom and usually refers to a beer that has been stored or conditioned at low temperatures. 

1. Lager

The flavour of stouts varies depending on their origin. Sweet stouts are popular in Ireland and England because of their mild bitterness.

2. Stout Beer

This was initially used to describe beers brewed without hops and is perhaps the most common variety of beer. The majority of kinds are classified as ales or lagers. 

3. Ale

Pilsner is a light and refreshing style of beer with a low alcohol percentage. This beer is named after the Bohemian town of Plze. 

4. Pilsner

These are the two most popular misconceptions regarding IPAs, and neither is accurate. Not all IPAs are bitter, and not all IPAs have so much alcohol. 

5. Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Porters are at the darker end of the beer range and come in a variety of styles.

6. Porter

As the name implies, the malt used in this beer is wheat. It has a pale hue and a low alcohol concentration. 

7. Wheat Beer

Rye beer has a significant quantity of rye grain, which is utilised in the malt.

8. Rye Beer

This beer has grown in popularity in recent years. It has a sour flavour and does not taste like regular beer, making it ideal for those who do not enjoy beer. 

9. Sour Beer

Funky' is one adjective to characterise this beer. Lambic has a unique flavour that distinguishes it from other beers, making it a lot of fun to drink. 

10. Lambic'

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