10 The World's Most Beautiful Flowers That Don't Even Look Real

We've given flowers meaning, as is often the case with beautiful things, to the point where just looking at one can make you feel more alive. 

Every spring, a simple red rose has become a romantic expression of love, and sunny daffodils represent the planet's rebirth. We also use them in more practical ways because they are plants:

Flowers that Look Like Other Things. Shaped like a bird with fringed wings and a long curved neck, this breathtaking beauty looks like a tiny white egret flitting around a field. Magical. 

White Egret Orchid

Few flowers are also religious symbols, but the sacred lotus qualifies. It sits just above the water like a peaceful pink boat, while its stalk and roots reach deep into the mud in the dark waters below. 

Sacred LotuS

Blossoms in every color imaginable make dahlia flowers a gardener's favorite. On this pom-pom-shaped variety, look at how each petal is shaped and placed so uniformly in a near-perfect sphere. 

Pompon Dahlia

If you want your flowers to come with a mythological pedigree, the calla lily is said to come from the breast milk of none other than the Greek goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. 

Calla Lily

Costing 15 years and $3 million, the Sweet Juliet was created by David Austin to feature maxed-out petals and smell like a sweet tea. When he debuted the rose, people fell wildly in love 

Sweet Juliet Rose

Tiny lavender flowers smell amazing, and when you see millions of them in a field—say, in Provence, France—the effect is absolutely sublime. Fortunately, lavender bushes are just as easy to grow in a sunny spot in your yard, 


Whoever named this flower got it 100 percent right. It's not often you look at a flower and think "cozy," but the teddy bear sunflower is begging for a cuddle. 

Teddy Bear Sunflower

We didn't spot any at King Charles III's coronation, but we're pretty sure one of his many homes features this tall delphinium. After all, it's his favorite flower.  


Fuchsia can grow as shrubs or small trees or on vines, producing pink and purple flowers so bright they almost look cartoonish. What's really cool is that the flower wasn't named after the color; 


This watercolor-like crocus is gorgeous, but that's not the main reason people are obsessed with it. It's the three auburn stigma that grow from the center and are harvested to make saffron spice that make it so covetable 

Saffron Crocu

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