10 Surprising Baby Names You'll Adore

Traditional baby names are not suitable for everyone. Perhaps you're a free spirit, or perhaps you simply don't want your child to share a name with other people in their class when they start school. You don't want to give your baby just any name for any reason. Check out this list if you want to avoid using more common names. These are some great but uncommon baby names that you will adore.

This name, pronounced "NO-e," is a variant of the more popular Noah. You have the amazing meaning of the more well-known name (which means "rest" or "comfort") without having to worry about giving your child a name that everyone else has. Given the popularity of the name Noah as a baby boy name, the prospect of children named Noah becoming continually mixed up with their classmates is extremely real, making Noe a wonderful choice if you like the name Noah.


The meaning of this lovely name is unknown, although one beautiful idea is that it derives from the Greek "meli," which means "honey." The name peaked in 2009, however it only made it to number 456 on the list of popular baby names for girls. Melina is unquestionably a secret gem who will not be overused anytime soon.The French variant of the name, Mélina, is nearly identical and equally uncommon.


The name Niko is used as a variant of the considerably more well-known name Nicholas throughout Europe. While it is rather common in several countries, most notably Finland, Slovenia, and Croatia, this lovely moniker is still relatively uncommon in the United States. If you believe the name is too informal to be used as a given name, it can still be used as a nickname. Many people call Nicholas by this name.


Cassandra is regarded as a Trojan princess in Greek mythology. Cassandra, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, possessed the gift of prophecy and even predicted the fall of Troy, but no one believed her.During the Middle Ages, this elegant and dignified name was quite popular until going out of favor. It had a brief rebirth at the close of the twentieth century, but it is rarely used nowadays, making it the ideal unique baby name for your own little princess.


While many people associate Sage with girls, it is also becoming increasingly popular as a gender-neutral name. Its gradually increasing popularity does not imply that it is widely used, but it does indicate that you can choose this name before others.


Renata is a popular name in Mexico, Chile, and other European nations, although it is uncommon in the United States. Its international flare makes it an intriguing baby girl name. The name Renatus is derived from the Latin masculine name Renatus, which means "born again." Renatus, unlike its feminine counterpart, is almost extinct as a given name. Renata shares the same root as Renee, another uncommon name that was popular for a few decades in the twentieth century.


The name John Lennon has a lengthy history. It was an Anglicized variant of the Irish surname Leannáin, which means "descendant of Leannán." Leannán derives from the Gaelic word for "lover." Most likely best known as the surname


The name Viviana is not only more ornate than the name Vivian, but it is also far less frequent. Both names have a lengthy and historical history, as they are derived from the Latin root "vivus," which meaning "life." Variations of the name have existed for ages, but the name Viviana is still uncommon. This is an opportunity for you to pass on a wonderful piece of history to your little girl.


Harlow is yet another surname that has grown into a given name. Harlow, derived from Old English root words that approximately translate to "rock hill" or "army hill," has been used as a surname for centuries. It is still used as a given name.


This stunning name translates to "lark" in Spanish. While the name Alondra is popular in Chile and Mexico, it is uncommon in the United States. It almost made the top 100 baby girl names in the 1990s, but it has since fallen out of favor outside of the Spanish-speaking world. This name sounds fairly musical, similar to the singing of the lark, and could be a nice choice if you love to sing or want your little girl to grow up musical.


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