10 signs someone secretly wants more than just friendship with you

Increased Attention and Time: When someone desires more than friendship, they might invest more time and attention in you.  

ntense Eye Contact: Sustained eye contact, especially coupled with a soft gaze or prolonged eye contact that seems to hold a deeper meaning, could be a sign of romantic interest. It signifies a desire to connect on a more intimate level. 

Physical Touch and Affection: Increased physical touch like hugs, lingering handshakes, or light touches on the arm might suggest a desire for a closer relationship.  

Subtle Flirtatious Behavior: Flirting often indicates romantic interest. Playful teasing, compliments, or subtly suggestive comments might signify that they are trying to communicate their feelings in a less direct manner. 

Conscious Mirroring of Your Actions: People who want more than friendship might unconsciously mirror the behavior of the person they're interested in. They might replicate your gestures, adopt your mannerisms, or reflect your body language as a way to establish a deeper connection. 

Interest in Your Personal Life: They might exhibit a keen interest in your personal life, asking questions about your interests, hobbies, family, or aspirations. Showing curiosity about your life beyond the surface level can indicate a desire for a more profound connection. 

Expressing Vulnerability: Sharing personal vulnerabilities or opening up about deeper emotions and thoughts could be a sign of wanting to build an emotional connection beyond friendship.  

Going the Extra Mile: Someone who desires a deeper connection might go above and beyond to help or support you. They might offer assistance, provide comfort during tough times, or make an effort to be there when you need them, even without being asked. 

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