10 Karlie Kloss Styling Tricks to Copy All Year Long

A true phenomenon in the fashion industry is Karlie Kloss. As one of the most significant models of the twenty-first century,

 she starred in a number of fashion shows and magazine covers for well-known companies. She "embodies the golden age of models - a girl with the looks,

 the bearing, and the will to take things to the next level," claims Models.com.

After being spotted at a benefit parade, Kloss quickly signed with the renowned Elite modeling agency.

 To put her immense fame into perspective, consider that in the Fall/Winter 2008 season alone, 

 she walked for 64 brands in a single month, launching high-profile shows including those by Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera.

Karlie made her television debut in the "Belles de Jour" episode of the first Gossip Girl.

 Both of us were attempting to succeed in music and expand our fan bases. Each of us confided in the other. We had mutual trust. We had a continuous, 

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